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January 2010



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Jan. 20th, 2010

butt in chair ...writing only now

The weight of the project has yet to hit me.
Maybe it has.
I'm inspired.
I want nothing to distract me.
Things like making money, picking up provisions, making raw dishes (even that! ....m usual and ultimate mind consumption) are in the way.
If I could afford to- I would order the raw food box  from Rawvolution again.
Forever. It made my life so easy.
A few extra pieces of raw onion bread, stuff for the smoothies and juicing and I was set.
Also need to get to the gym and take some spinning classes.

Trying not to rush things with my writing.
Trying to keep track of ideas whilst pushing myself to write and not get distracted by the internet.

Typing words into two Files:

First book-
Dark Dorrit

Amy and Arthur Clennam had a child.
She is haunted by the things her mother told her.
The things she sees make her unusual and ill fit for proper society.
She has a stalker, the twins Flintwinch both undead. (Not Vampires but dark Warlords)
They tortured her parents (to death) and now they haunt her.
There are people at play on corrupting her, keeping her mother's inheritance away from her.
The published story of Amy Dorrit's life left out the nasty things that happened.
This story is retribution for her mother.
The daughter reveals all.

Second Book-
Foreign Exchange
The Yankee's won the war and split  the nation into two countries.
What would life be like if CSA (the South) was the richest country on the planet?
It's a love story.

Post again in a month.

Goals till then:
writing 3 hours a day
spin class at least 3x's week
barr method dvd every other day
raw for all snacks, lunch, dinner
juice or smoothie breakfast, evening snack
5 new designs edwardian-modern

(2 blouses, 2 jackets, 1 skirt)


save $500 cash

Jan. 19th, 2010

clothing business thoughts

I am always troubled with the manufacture of my designs.
In the new business I want to invent a production plan that feels more like me while maximizing profit and ecology.
I have spent the last twenty years sewing every day.
My body is no longer up to the task.
I was always financially limited by what I could actually produce.
My bank accounts are empty but I want my next steps of action to be fruitful in an expression of what I have learned in business and the direction I am going.


It's cold here in LA.
Cold rain. I can't seem to keep my feet warm. The down comforter is off the bed and wrapped around my feet as I work on the novels.
The lightning lights up the place each time it shows up and the thunder shakes the ground. Almost like small earthquakes.
I'm reminded of the East Coast and weather of my childhood.
I love the rain.
Today for food:

Beet, carrot, apple, spinach, pear, watermelon juice

Italiano raw pizza from rawvolution

grapes and tomatoes as snack food
Fuji apple

blueberry, ice, kale, peach, banana, apple juice smoothie

I meant to go to a 5am spin class.
I could not find the car. I gave up when my asthma kicked up. Morganalexander came at 6:30 to drop off the juice. He said the car was right in front. Our regular spin teacher didn't teach so all is well. I didn't get to workout, but I also didn't use up gas for a not so great class.

My current request to the universe:
I will win the mega Jackpot tonight.
I will blog about raw food, writing, fashion, style.
I will write fiction.
I will go to 105 Degrees and blog about it.
I will spin and eat raw.
I will maintain weight of 115 pounds.
I will dress everyday in the style of Edwardian-modern.
I will save money, make 20 times more than I spend.
I will have a fashion catalog, blog, web store, and flagship store carrying fashion, dry goods and other items.
I will happily marry.
I will have a child.
I will be healthy, vivacious, wealthy, beautiful.
I will be safe, satisfied, entertained, inspired, inspiring, famous, a writer of note, inspiring and grateful.
I will travel the world.
Thank You. I Love You.

That sums it up. I will probably resend this same request for a while.